What Speaks Love to You?

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Have you all heard about discovering your love language? When I first heard about this, I was so intrigued.  As I studied about it more, I was excited about how this opened up a whole new way of loving the people around me in a way that really speaks to their heart! It made perfect sense now why sometimes, despite my best effort, I would do something for another person to show them how much I care and it didn't really seem to speak to their heart. It just turns out that I wasn't speaking their love language. I wasn't giving them what really hit their sweet spot for love.

In a nutshell, there are 5 basic love languages: 

1. Words of Affirmation

2. Acts of Service

3. Receiving Gifts

4. Quality Time

5. Physical Touch

Most of us will have one main love language with a few of the others mixed in but of lesser importance. Of course all of these love languages are things we all need in balance, but I'm sure if you start paying attention, you will find that at least one of them tends to stand out more than the others.

Not sure which one fits you best? Think about how you tend to show love to others. Most of the time, we choose to love others the way we feel loved. 

If your still not sure, you can find more details and take this quiz here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

My #1 is acts of service, #2 is gifts, my #3 is physical touch.

So, I feel really loved when my husband cleans the house for me or fixes something that is broke. I also LOVE when he brings me little gifts or gives me a hug. 

For my husband, his is words of affirmation.  This is actually my lowest score. How funny that my husband receives love the most in a way that I receive least! 

I've also started to take note of how this could make me a better parent. I'm really studying my boys, trying to understand better what speaks love to them most. I can already tell that my youngest son is words of affirmation. You would not believe how he just lights up when I encourage him!  My oldest son is acts of service. (We are so much alike!) He will offer to help without me asking! 

How amazing that we could use this tool to better "speak" love to those around us. This can be a wonderful way to think about how to choose which "sweet things" you can give to your family and friends.  

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